Freedom in Christ

Sermon Summary

  • Religion is about rules and observances but Christianity is not a religion at all; rather, it is a relationship.
  • You are complete in Christ and therefore free from religious rules and observances.
  • There are many ways we are free in Christ.
    • First, we are brought into fullness in Christ (2:9-10).
    • Secondly, we are free in Christ because we are circumcised by him and baptized in him (2:11-13a).
    • Thirdly, we are free in Christ because he paid our debt by nailing it to the cross (2:13b-14).
    • Lastly, we are free in Christ because He has defeated the evil spiritual powers of this world (2:15).
  • Because we are free in Christ we are no longer under the OT Law, or even human moral laws, we are under the law of the Spirit (Col 2:16, Rom 7:1-6).
    • The law of the Spirit is the law of love expressed through our relationship with God.
    • This law of love does not erase the OT law or our human moral codes, rather it fulfills them to their truest, and highest, and greatest sense.   
    • This law of love is embodied in Jesus himself and can only be obtained through him.
    • The Old Testament law was simply a shadow of the future reality in Jesus.