Unpacking Happiness

Sermon Summary

  ·         Happiness is different than joy:  happiness is the shorter-lived and often more intense feeling that is contingent on our circumstances.

  ·         There are two ways that people naturally process happiness: the religious way & the secular way o    Both approaches are unhealthy in their own ways

·         A third-way is God’s intended way which functions best

    • o   Instead of ignoring or relentlessly pursuing happiness, we are to embrace it when it’s given (Jam 1:17)

·         Points to unpacking our happiness with God:

    •    Cry out to God and be patient for his response.  Then embrace your happiness in him once he delivers you (Ps 40:1-3) o   Trust in God and not idols to provide (Ps 40:4-5)
    •    When you receive God’s grace, acknowledge it before other people (Ps 40:9-10)
    •    Our past experiences of God’s grace fuels our trust in God to deliver us again and gives us patience to wait on him (Ps 40:11-17)
    •    We can be happy in the present because we know that our eternal salvation is assured in Jesus (Ps 40:6-8, Heb 10:4-9) §  Now, even if you are not a follower of Jesus currently, surely that is something you must want to be true.


Discussion Questions:

1.      What part of the message spoke to you?

2.      What are you happiest about most these days?

3.      What is something(s) that you put your trust in to provide, other than God?

4.      How was the sermon helpful to you?

5.      What steps can you take to better embrace happiness in a biblical way?