Unpacking Tenderness

Sermon Summary:

  • Tenderness is the feeling of trusting, intimate affection.
    • Tenderness has to do with vulnerability  
  • We generally take one of two unhealthy approaches to tenderness: the religious approach or the secular approach:
    • The religious approach sets up strong boundaries
      • Keeps out the good and bad
    • The secular approach has no boundaries
      • Opens the door to hurt & betrayal  
  • We must find God’s third-way to be both tough & tender
    • King David was both tough & tender and he wrote Psalm 63 which shows us the way.
    • We have a need for tenderness and should embrace it (Ps 63:1)
    • We can experience true intimacy & tenderness with God (Ps 63:2) Only God can satisfy our thirst (Ps 63:3-5)
    • Continuously pursue an intimate & tender relationship with God (Ps 63:6-8)
  • Jesus is our example of a tender relationship with God (Jn 13:1-5)
  • Jesus empowers us to be tough & tender because he restores our relationship with God. If we are secure in who we are in God, then we can be both tough & tender like Jesus (Jn 13:1-5) 


Discussion Questions: 

1. What part of the message spoke to you?

2. What comes to your mind when you hear “tenderness”?  

3. How would you describe your boundary walls?

4. How do you see Jesus being both tough & tender?

5. What does it look like for you to be tender with God?