Sermon Summary 

·        Why don’t we experience God, His presence and His works more fully?

·         What makes the difference between an “ordinary” life and an effective and powerful life – baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:4-11)

·        The difference between the church being fearful and ineffective VS. being powerful and thriving is the filling of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-6)

·        Spirit indwelling is different from Spirit LIVING

·        At SPFC we value Spirit Living, because there’s a distinction between having the Holy Spirit and actually living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit

·        One of our core values is Spirit Living: Being Led, Transformed and Empowered by the Holy Spirit ·        Like fire, the Holy Spirit does 3 main things:

1. The Holy Spirit illuminates our mind and our spirit (we are LED) Acts 2:17. Romans 8:16

2. The Holy Spirit purifies and refines us (we are TRANSFORMED)

3. The Holy Spirit brings power (we are EMPOWERED)

·        We should ask God persistently for the gift of the Holy Spirit

·        Spirit Living (being led, transformed and empowered by the Holy Spirit) is the only way Christians and the church can experience the supernatural work of God