What’s the Story

Sermon Summary

·       We all have a story we tell ourselves about our current situation and current events in order to help make sense of it – it’s our nature

·       The story we believe affects how we process things and what we do about them

·       The Bible provides us with a divine storyline that encompasses all past, present and future events ·       The climax of this divine storyline is the death and resurrection of Jesus

·       We are in the “last days” of the storyline, in which Jesus by the Holy Spirit empowers us to live rightly and tell others about him

·       It’s important that as Christians, we understand the end of the story ie) the last days.  Our understanding of this will greatly affect how we think, feel and act, in all circumstances

·       Without a solid understanding of the end times of the biblical story, we will think that things are “falling apart” when we face hard times eg: pandemic and we will feel fear and anxiety

·       With a clear picture of what the Bible says about end times, we will see things as “falling into place” and we will feel peace, anticipation, motivation and security.

·       As we commit to studying the end times in further depth over the next several weeks, let’s pray that God helps us to see how all of the events of history fit together to form the magnificent picture of God’s plan “The Divine Story”…and may we see things as “falling into place” rather than “falling apart”.