SPFC has a young adults group who desire to journey in community but also dive deep into the Scriptures. Our assosciate pastor Zach and his wife Vanessa will organize periodic social activities throughout the year - so keep your eyes and ears open for those opportunities on our Young Adults Facebook page.
There will be Young Adults Bible Study for (single, married, still in school or working full-time - you're all welcome!)This will be hosted from our very own Doug and Patricia Paddey. Keep reading for all the details:
The study will begin on Sunday, September 8 - with lunch out together following church. At that point Doug and Patricica will distribute the study guides, then will begin our actual study with a potluck lunch at our place - 3517 Ingram Rd. (also after church) the following Sunday.
For our fall study, we will be working through the 8-week study guide and video series titled: The New Testament You Never Knew: Exploring the context, purpose, and meaning of the story of God, (by N.T. Wright and Michael Bird).
From the book's intro: "There is more in the New Testament than you imagine. There are truths you may have overlooked and lessons that might have slipped by. But if you will open your heart and mind, the King of all kings is ready to awaken your imagination. He is waiting to speak and teach the truth to you. The Spirit of the Living God is longing to whisper fresh truth into your ears.
The kingdom of God is closer than you think. The books of the New Testament have been given to unfold the story of God’s love, grace, and truth. If you are ready, God is prepared to give you an epiphany, a revelation, and a fresh insight.
There are things about the New Testament that you never knew. It is time to have your eyes opened. Brace yourself. God is near and ready to move!"
Please mark the dates on your calendar, and plan your rides - and let us know your plan to attend prior. Study guides are $15.99. If you indicate your intention to attend, we will order a guide for you, and have it for you on Sept. 8 - otherwise you are free to order your own.
Sunday, September 8 (after church) - out for lunch - we will distribute the study guides this week
Sunday, September 15 - potluck lunch at the Paddey's - study week 1
Sunday, September 22 - potluck lunch at the Paddey's - study week 2
Sunday, September 29 - gather on your own - no study this week
Sunday, October 6 - potluck lunch at the Paddey's - study week 3
Sunday, October 13 - Thanksgiving weekend - gather on your own - no study this week
Sunday, October 20 - out for lunch, then back to the Paddey's for study week 4
Sunday, October 27 - pizza lunch at the Paddey's, study week 5
Sunday, November 3 - potluck lunch at the Paddey's - study week 6
Sunday, November 10 - potluck lunch at the Paddey's - study week 7
Sunday, November 17 - pizza lunch at the Paddey's - study week 8
Sunday, November 24 - out for lunch - no study
Break for the month of December.
We will pick up again in January with a book study on Galatians

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns Please contact pastor Zach at [email protected] for inquires.