Joyous Trials 

Discussion Questions

  1. What is your #1 take away from the online service on Sunday?
  2. Do you feel God has been saying anything to you this week?
  3. In the sermon, Pastor Keith said that God uses trials to test and refine us into the people he desires us to be.  What is one way God might be using this current trial to refine you?

Sermon Summary  

James 1:1-4 – Joyous Trials 

  • When beginning to study any book of the Bible, it is important to first properly understand the context of the book that is being read.   
  • What seems to really bother the author James is that some Christians are becoming “polluted by the world.
    •       ” Therefore, the book of James was written in the form of a letter to be sent to all the churches abroad for the purpose of addressing sinful Christian living.
  • Our fallen sinful nature is to despise facing trials but the Bible says that we should consider them “pure joy.” (1:2-4)
  • God has designed trials in our lives, not to harm us, but to help us.  Trials are the means by which God tests and refines us into the people He desires us to be.
  • It is our choice whether our trials draw us closer to God and refine our faith, whether they do nothing, or whether they drive us further from Him.
  • How do we choose to experience trials as pure joy and not to just suffer through them?
    •      First, stop feeling sorry for yourself and trying to get others to do the same.
    •      Second, remind yourself of two truths: God orchestrates everything, and He loves you.
    •      Third, simply take advantage of the opportunity of the trial because every trial is a great opportunity to draw closer to God.