Work for God
Discussion Questions
1. Describe a time when you had a job you didn’t like.
2. What was most eye-opening about the message?
3. What does it mean for you to “work for the Lord and not human masters”?
4. How is Jesus our example of Godly work?
Sermon Summary 
Colossians 3:22-4:1 Work for God  
  • Before we can look at what this passage is saying to us today, we must first deal with the issue of slaves in the text.
    • To understand what’s happening we must first understand the proper context of the slaves and slavery that is being address by this passage.
    • The institution of slavery in the New Testament times was actually a necessary and vital part of the economy and it was meant to be a redemptive practice and not an abusive one. 
  • Our modern day institution of employer/employee relationship is very reminiscent of Greco-Roman slavery. 
    • Therefore, what is being said about slavery to them is being said to us about our jobs and careers. 
  • We are to obey our earthly masters, and not just on the surface level that they can see but with sincerity of heart.
    • Most people only work to avoid punishment from their boss and to earn recognition for themselves.
    • If I am only motivated by serving my earthly masters than I will always do the bare minimum and put all my effort only towards what is visible.
    • The Bible says that we are to work as if working for the lord and not human masters.
    • If we work for human masters, everything we do is an act of obligation.  But if we work for God, then everything we do is an act of worship. 
    • So if our work ever begins to falter, it is most likely we have lost our focus from God to the world. 
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