Unpacking Excitement

Sermon Summary

  • Excitement is the positive intense emotion we feel when we are expecting something good
  •  When we experience disappointment, we usually take one of two approaches to the excitement.
    • The religious way or the secular way.
    • Both ways are unhealthy
  • God has provided for us a better way laid out in Psalm 68
    •  Written by David when he was excited about bringing the Ark into the city
  • How do we unpack our excitement with God?
    • Express your excitement, and praise God (vv. 1-6)
    • Look back on God’s faithfulness (vv. 7-10) §  Increases our faith & excitement §  If we are disappointed, we can still trust in him
    • Abide now in Jesus’ victory (vv. 15-18) §  Psalm prefigures Christ (Eph 4:8) §  Jesus shares his victory with us now (Eph 2:6-7)
    • Look forward to Heaven (vv. 19-35) §  Psalm prefigures the end of days §  Get excited for heaven §  Helps us to deal with disappointment in this life.


Discussion Questions:

1.      What part of the message jumped out for you?

2.      What are you excited about most these days?

3.      How do you usually express excitement?

4.      How was the sermon helpful to you?

5.      What steps can you take to better experience excitement with God?