Ecclesiastes 2:4-11
WEiRD Happiness

Sermon Summary

·         Normal people are generally discontent and it doesn’t take much to ruin any fleeting happiness they may have.  

  ·         It’s normal for people to think like this: “If I work harder I will be more successful and if I’m more successful I’ll be happier.” (Ecc 2:4-11)

    • This is actually a lie because happiness has very little to do with our circumstances. 

·         Most people look for happiness in their external circumstances but this does not work.

    • It doesn’t work because we were not created for this world; we were created for a relationship with God.

·         Don’t spend your life chasing after the things of this world that will never satisfy, but rather chase after God and you will find true happiness. (John 4:13–14)